(Youth Access Moreton Bay Initiative)

YAMBI works with young people aged 12 – 21 years across the Moreton Bay regional area. YAMBI works with young people individually or with their family where support is needed. YAMBI can support 8-11 year old children if we are supporting a sibling 12-21 years.

YAMBI works with young people in several ways:
- Providing support and pathways to find the right services to meet your needs.
- Working with you to achieve your goals.
- Working with you when lots of things are going wrong and you need intensive support to work it all out.
- Supporting young people and parents / carers together as families.
- Helping young people and families work through challenges in their relationships.
- Supporting young people and families to find the right services and supports to meet their needs.

YAMBI is there to listen, hear your story and work with you towards your goals in life.
Phone: 5432 4360.
Funded by the QLD Government – Department of Child Safety, Youth & Women.

Youth Connector YSVA

The Youth Sexual Violence and Assault services is an initiative of the Queensland Government to address concerns for young people around sexual violence, abuse and sexually reactive behaviours.
It is a new initiative that has enhanced services to provide more supports. It also included a Youth Connector role to assist with linking young people to the right services for support. The Youth Connector works alongside sexual assault services and early intervention services for young people to receive the support that best meets their needs.
The Youth Connector can:
 Provide and establish referral pathways
 Provide information and advice around YSVA to build knowledge, awareness and understanding
 Work alongside services / agencies to develop and deliver early intervention initiatives around YSVA
 Raise awareness of the issue of YSVA
 Participate in ongoing networking and evaluation of the YSVA program

To get support for young people to link into services or to learn more about the program, please call Ashleigh or Kim on 5432 4360.

KYC & Jabani Jinna Indigenous Corporation
Charity Op Shop

The KYC Charity Op Shop is a partnership with Jabani Jinna Indigenous Incorporation to raise funds to support community need but to also give items freely to those in need.

All donations are greatly appreciated and no money is kept for the organisation. Every cent raised goes back into community.

We welcome and appreciate donations and volunteers to support our community.